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The fabric known as Kota Doria (sometimes spelled Kota Dori) is woven from either fine silk, cotton, or a combination of the two, and has a characteristic square-checked pattern. The silk adds shine and a luxurious feel to the kota doria, while the cotton makes it strong. These designs are woven on a pit loom with yarns made of cotton, silk, and zari (fine metal threads). You can't find a more suitable summer cloth. Kota doria fabric manufacturers in India still use traditional pit looms to produce the authentic and luxurious material. It ensures the quality and glory of this exclusive material. Further, with kota doria you can create anything from simple saree to dupatta, salwar suit and many more. At fabriclore, you can explore various kinds of kota doria fabric to craft your own kota doria outfits. Here, you can order wholesale fabrics within any location of India.

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