This is somewhat puzzling, at the minimum

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Madden has revealed the names of 10 rookies from the class of Madden 22 Coins this year's as of. The top 10 players at wide line and receiver positions have also been made public. Calvin Ridley, who finished the Madden 21 ratings cycle at the 88th spot overall, didn't make it to the top 10 wide receivers this year.

Furthermore, Madden 22 left Falcons defensive tackle Grady Jarrett off of its top 10 interior defensive linemen ratings. Jarrett received a score of 90 overall at Madden 21. This is somewhat puzzling, at the minimum.

The most significant criticism of Jarrett comes simply because of his association with Atlanta's defense that has been subpar for the last few seasons. You shouldn't put the blame for the team's problems on Jarrett and his team, but they've caused a negative perception about the former Clemson lineman.

EA will release its quarterback lineup on Friday, providing the Falcons the best chance of seeing players among the top 10. Matt Ryan, who opened Madden 21 at an 87 overall rating, dropped two spots by season's end. With the decline in ratings for Jarrett and Ryan, don't be too surprised to find Ryan being left out of Madden's top 10 players.

Will Jacksonville Jaguars have a player with Madden 22 score of more than 90?Madden 22 won't be released until August 17 , however EA has already revealed ratings of players for the latest version of Buy Madden Coins Cheap the video game franchise.


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