How To Choose The Right School

It can be challenging to select the best school for your child. It is essential to select the best school for children with special needs or learning disabilities. Which is why I have put together this post to hopefully give you some ideas about how to select the best school for your chi

It can be challenging to select the best school for your child. It is essential to select the best Driving school Blacktown for children with special needs or learning disabilities. Which is why I have put together this post to hopefully give you some ideas about how to select the best school for your child.

The RIGHT school is the one that can aid your child who has special needs.

Your child can trust you to be there for them.
Reducing the signs of your child's disorder difficulties.
Your child should be happy and relaxed.
Help your child be friends and to reduce bullying.
Your child's future prospects will be more brighter with the help of you.

This all sounds fantastic and is exactly what parents want to see their child.

However, choosing the WRONG school canresult in:

It is possible that you will receive very little or none of the support you need.
Your child's responsibility is with you.
Make their symptoms worse.
Your child should feel scared, alone and lonely.
Do not make it difficult for your child's peers to get together.
Make it more likely that bullying will occur.
Make sure you are able to limit the possibility that your child will have a brighter future.

Yes, it is important to locate the perfect school for your child who has special needs. Unfortunately this is the reality of how things can (and often do) come out.

I've had a lot of experience in this area through my son.

The day he was scheduled to start school, he was due to start. I spent hours trawling the internet for the top local schools in the most desirable areas that had the top league table and the best reports.

This was a major error.

If your child doesn't suffer from learning disabilities or has specific needs, you can do what I did and look for schools that perform well in areas that are thriving.

However If your child has special needs Don't do it. I cannot stress this enough.

High performing schools are often very successful because they have a very small percentage of students with special needs.

This is a reference to:
A) They won't have good facilities and procedures in place for them.
b) They won't have the same knowledge or experience. expertise in learning disabilities or special needs.

Schools that perform well located in "good" areas tend to be not diverse enough. Your child may be more prone to being bullied if this occurs. Children who attend schools with more children with disabilities and a greater variety tend to learn from others and less likely pick on someone for being different.
This was the mistake I made when I first took my son to school. I sent my son to a highly-performing school in a predominantly white, wealthy, and wealthy area of Christianity. The school had less that 1% of special needs. Also, there was 0% diversity culturally.

In the space of a few months my son was afraid going to school. He had few friends. He was targeted for bullying. The teacher would always come close to me at end of the day and told me what he'd failed to do that day or how much struggled. He made very little learning progress. Each when I had an appointment with his teacher or special needs co ordinator they would tell me things like, "we don't know what to do with him". And, "We think you should look into sending the child to a special school".

For too long I let him go to that school, not aware of the harm it was causing, or that the situation could be different.

He was gone for nearly two years. I did not send him to a special school, as they recommended. I sent him to a school in a nearby neighborhood that was the exact opposite of the school he had just left.

I took him to school with low performance. It had the most number of special needs children (12 percent) and was located in an extremely poor area that had lots diversity.

He could read simple words and write his name in just a few weeks. He was able to accomplish things that he had never the ability to. He was a fan of school (most days, we occasionally had days when he couldn't be bothered and screamed at us). He made many friends. He was loved by everyone from of his teachers and staff.

Instead of berating about his name constantly, they talked in love and affection about the man. It was amazing.

After just over 4 glorious years at that visit school. He was sadly forced to leave, because we had to emigrate from England to Australia.

However, when we began the search for an institution in Australia I already learned my lesson. I began searching for the perfect school and finally found it.

The smaller (under 400 students) the more efficient.
High rates of children with special needs and learning disabilities (minimum of 8 percent).
The school had a diverse group of students, including children of a variety of economic, ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds.
A school that places heavily on happy children and their social development.

Within half an hour from our house we visited the schools in the afternoon after school. Then we finally found a school that met all of my requirements. Woodville Primary School is located in Victoria.

My son has been there since the beginning of June and is absolutely thrilled. He is loved by his staff and has many friends. He is a fan of school. And I feel supported and heard by his teacher and other staff.

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