What is the refund policy of Delta Airlines?

ll these are the important questions that can trigger anyone’s mind.

Do your travel plans change so often? Unable to find teh suitable airline that offers the great cancelation and change policy? Well, your search ends at Delta Airlines. Yes, the airline has a great flight cancelation policy that allows you to get a refund without any hassle. Buy Delta Airlines Tickets without even thinking twice, and stay worry-free about the cancelation and the change. It is a phenomenal airline that always strives to fulfill your expectations and you can have a stress-free experience with the airline.


While canceling a flight reservation, the first thing that comes to our mind is a refund. Everyone wants to know whether you are eligible for a refund or not. If you are eligible, where you can claim and in how many days will you get a refund. All these are the important questions that can trigger anyone’s mind. If you want to know the refund policy of Delta Airlines, then proceed further. 


24-hour cancelation policy

Passengers are entitled to a full refund if they are canceling their bookings within 24 hours of the purchase. Just make sure that the purchase has been made at least 7 or more days prior to the flight departure. This 24-hour cancelation or refund policy is very beneficial because you can get a full refund without any additional effort. Delta Airlines Refund will be processed in the same mode of payment that you have used while making a booking. No matter whether you have refundable flight tickets or non-refundable, you can avail a full refund according to this policy. 


Non-refundable flight tickets

For non-refundable flight tickets, a cancelation fee will be charged from travelers who are canceling their flight bookings. Moreover, the remaining amount will be transferred as a travel credit that you can use in the future. Redeem the value of this travel credit to save your money. Basic Economy tickets are not eligible for cancelation or change. 


Refundable flight tickets

Cancelation of refundable flight tickets ensures a full refund on your reservation. Moreover, you can easily claim a refund from the official Delta Airlines website. Delta will send the refund in the original mode of payment that you have used while buying flight tickets. After that, don’t forget to check the status of your refund. 


How to claim a Delta Airlines refund?

Travelers who are eligible for a refund after canceling their flight booking can ask it from the official website of Delta Airlines. In addition, they can get in touch with the airline executive to share their cancelation details. The agent will check whether you are eligible for a refund or not. Customers who have made their reservations through the Delta Travel Agent, will have to connect with him to initiate their refund.

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