Remove plagiarism from coursework, increase uniqueness

At the stage of passing the course work, students often face the problem of matching the work with the required uniqueness.

 These innovations were introduced in universities ostensibly to combat plagiarism, although the concept of uniqueness and plagiarism are inherently different, for example, even a unique work for 100% can be plagiarized for the same 100% and vice versa. Since it is still difficult to determine technically the presence of plagiarism in works, and this can be done as a result of analyzing the idea written only by a person, we decided to rely on the degree of uniqueness for now, since most of the same text can still be plagiarized more often. Uniqueness requirement in course papers depending on the discipline and standards, the UAC can be from 50 to 80%, usually 60-65% on average. Most universities use various matching programs to determine the uniqueness of coursework. In particular, the commercial program Unichek allows teachers to identify the percentage of loans from other sources. On the ETXT, Advego Plagiatus, and other services that teachers also know and use for checking student papers, after checking the uniqueness, you can see sites where there are borrowings in the work you have prepared, and the text will show which pieces borrowed items. In some cases, an experienced teacher, after reviewing the course work, can understand which sections the student wrote independently, and in which he simply used the Ctrl C and Ctrl V keys. So what should you do if you went too far with compiling when writing a course paper, bought a finished work and it is already available on the Internet, or ordered a work from an unknown author on the Internet and he riveted it from pieces and disappeared and the uniqueness of your course paper is close to zero?

The most common ways to raise the level of uniqueness

The main rule that you need to learn when increasing uniqueness is to constantly make a backup copy of your work. This will allow you to compare the corrected text with the original one.

Deep Rewrite

The most reliable way to increase uniqueness is through deep text rewriting. This is writing the same information, but in your own words. In other words, you need to take the text fragments that the service showed as not unique after checking and just write them in your own words (paraphrase them). This will be the most reliable, albeit the longest, way to correct a course paper, close to the classic writing of a course paper. It will be suitable if your work is read and if you do not want to take risks with technical methods of masking plagiarism, since some programs can recognize traces of its work. You can also always use parts of your old research papers. If you haven't written any research before and you need to get it right away, we will be a reliable support in this matter

Synonyms and epithets.

You can use this method to replace words that are often used with words that are similar in meaning. Epithets will also make the text more vivid. But you should not abuse them, because the course work is still a scientific work. Closely related to this method is the replacement of numbers with letters, such as 7 for " seven "or 124 for"one hundred and twenty-four". Similar substitutions are also possible for characters such as% in "percentages". And this can be done in the opposite direction. And you can replace words and symbols in Word using the "Ctrl F" keys. Synonymizer provides for a special program where you need to enter a text fragment.

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Shilling method

An effective way is to receive shingles. In it, the total volume of words is calculated in a certain sequence. It is used by many anti-plagiarism systems. By breaking this logical chain, for example, by paraphrasing the first and last words of shingles, you can get an increase in the uniqueness of paragraphs. If the desired result is not achieved, you can change every third word. This technique is the basis for using automatic hyphenation. Before you start checking in the WORD settings, you need to check the box " Auto "in the section"Hyphenation". The text copied to other services seems to be cut off, and the program treats its words as unique.


Today, to increase the uniqueness of the course work, rearranging paragraphs or sentences in places, changing punctuation, and using foreign letters is less effective. The best way to increase uniqueness is to rewrite parts after the program checks them. Programs and services are constantly being improved, and every year there are fewer options to bypass them. Of course, you can always still contact professionals. in Essay Assistant we say to you: «Professional Essay Help - Get Impressive Results With Us!». This is our slogan and we are always happy to maintain its reputation.



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