Donohue talks about the benefits of having a league operated

Donohue talks about the benefits of having a league operated

Donohue talks about the benefits of having a league operated from 2K22 MT the NBA office, in terms of bringing partners in. "The advantage that comes with having the NBA 2K brand, is that we have amazing relationships with many of these partners . Therefore, we can help them and help them navigate eSports. We can also help them understand how to leverage eSports to amplify their brands."

Another advantage for companies using the NBA 2K League has, is that it is easy to understand. Donohue emphasizes that esports could sometimes be challenging for viewers. "While our games aren't easy to watch, you won't have to play to get to the arena. If you understand basketball, you'll get it."

Advertising in the game itself is as well-established. Donohue claims that it's normal to view a basketball match with courtside advertisements. This lets players "be an integral part" of the experience.

With a passionate fan-base with a passionate fan-base, the NBA 2K League has established itself as a viable, successful product. But Donohue declares that "we believe we're only getting started." He also points out the 1.9 billion fans of the NBA on social media as a huge potential pool.

Then there's the question the possibility that NBA 2K can operate as a gateway to engage new fans of basketball in general this is something Washington Wizards owner and media mogul Ted Leonsis has theorized. Donohue is a perfect example of this and is not too far away from where I live. My son was playing 2K and suddenly he came to me. He started quoting the Warriors roster of Steph Curry, and I was like, "How is it possible that  Cheap MT 2K22 he's up till 10 o'clock in the morning to take in these games? He's seven years old!" He's learning all about 2k and who is good by their scores in 2K.


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