Most under 25k that the huge majority under 2K and under 10k

Most under 25k that the huge majority under 2K and under 10k


What's funny? I have maintained a rough quote and I would've likely been below 5 mil becoming to AD when my card that was bought wasn't glitched Hedo. Aside from Hedo I think that the most I have paid for a card was 42K. Most under 25k that the huge majority under 2K and under 10k. I began the grind for him around 2 weeks ago and that is 2K20 MT my guestimation.I spent an whole week especially bidding on cards, not enjoying NBA 2K or flipping cards. There. Then you have got the huge majority of the decorations and misc items that could be purchased for under 500 MT in the event that you just pay attention and bidding.

There's also the vast majority of amy series or non silver 1 and 2 cards which could be had for sub-1k. Many of the silvers could be had for 1k too. Heat checks will be more expensive that those packs have been gone but I got mine almost all for just or about over 2K. I have all the non player cards and was trying to determine when I could afford to find AD but I do not see it happening especially with all the warmth check pack being gone.I went to it since I'd like 1.8 Mil MT and MJ/AK/TMac/Luka to market. I just got about 1.1 mil for all of them I think. Regrettably TMacs value a lot hurt by the time that I sold him whatever.

I loved PD AD, and so I needed to do it. They could drop heat check superpacks or moments superpacks. It was brutal but if you sit on the auction house and also don't play NBA 2K you can do it than folks say. I've spent a lot of time placing a lot of dropping bids, but eventually you get lucky and get cards for cheap or find out the specific value of these and purchase the BINs that are really worth it. Seems like the only C left that would hurt his cost. Who else could? Then, how long before that C arrives and how much value is it worth to have Shaq until afterward? I have not used Shaq. I have seen lots of conflicting posts about how great he is or is release ruins everything I'm curious to find out what people say. The Laker in me will not allow me to go without wanting him out lol although I can't manage him until this week.

The only thing I could see besides Hakeem is a GO Embiid but he would have to be able to speed boost so who knows. The matter about Shaq imo is the fact that it is a situation of"two things could be true". He's definitely a 5 card in NBA 2K. He is THE best all around card in NBA 2K. He's a monster. Defensively he locks the paint down, clamps the perimeter, a whole wrecking ball inside and his jumper isn't terrible... but it is not good by any other means. Shaq affects every area of NBA 2K since buying him last 19, and I've lost. The matter is that his jumper makes him a slight accountability in high pressure situations (close games against good players) which is a small weakness but it turns into a bit more noticeable when it's coming from the most expensive card at NBA 2K.. If that makes sense.

I hope they do not lock Kobe behind a 150 + hr grind although I know that it's purely speculation. I totally understand how this could be cool for grinders or to not"monetize" Kobe but also for internet only players it would be crap. I really don't mind grinding but I play on the internet, I HATED the idea so I did not grind Harden, of playing dumb games against the CPU. Like a lot of others I work full time, and I'm working to encourage Covid relief, the sole small break I have been getting is enjoying 2K after work, TTO, MTU, etc... I do not have enough opportunity if I wanted to, to grind and I am sure that this goes for Buy NBA 2K20 MT a lot of others.