NBA 2K20 MyTeam got me enjoy

I feel like. Like PG Lebron or even PG giannis since they actually play significant minutes running"point".


I feel like. Like PG Lebron or even PG giannis since they actually play significant minutes running"point". Cards like manufacturer or C/pf westbrook make no sense, or nba 2k20 mt coins at the very least they ought to have their position be their secondary position. Why would I want to fit spud Webb against centres of westbrook on PF. LeBron and Giannis do not have to be playing point guard for them to be operating stage. There is nothing stopping you from controlling the crime together with Giannis and LeBron while they are playing SF/PF and running plays. The only reason for these would be to cheese and bully smaller point guards, it is not for any legitimate tactical basketball reason that is actual.

Discharging these cards defeats the purpose of locks, although I understand that they perform with Time that is important at the PG. Especially Together with them releasing these mad elite cards that can conduct the 1 (Giannis, LeBron, Simmons, Luka, Magic, Etc). It is at a point to where you're basically screwed because anything under 6'7 will get bullied the entire game. All those NBA 2K player you mention run moments at guard, magical and luka are listed point guards and not even out of position. I believe the bigger problem/ source of my frustration is pretty much every NBA 2K participant PD and upward is a 55+% shooter from 3. PD Ben Wallace or PD Wilt should not splash on 3's at that clip because they're PD.

I mean in the end of the day. People like fun cards that are stupid like Spud at Center and stuff like that. Yeah but that only really works if with the size advantage was not as important as it is - if it is a dream manner then Kyle Lowry and each other miniature point guard ought to be able to perform exactly the very same things the oversized position NBA 2K players perform. But in the close of the day that is just not how basketball functions. They can't change an essential part of basketball aka size benefit. Sure they could - they've changed basically everything except that - why is providing Shaq a shammgod plus a three pointer fine but letting small dudes be beasts from the paint so absurd?

Ideally neither could occur, but then I'd be in a position to respect that they are actually developing a fantasy game mode instead of simply making OP cards for more people purchasing packs. Because that's a fundamental aspect that would impact all game modes. Having Shaq doing dumb shit in one game mode does not matter. True it's a fantasy style and titles are supposed to be somewhat overpowering and things to make a arcade type texture but this shit is just ridiculous. People do not enjoy this whatsoever. What we desire are cards which have some type of realism on them. Everything began when they included that Charles Barkley which has been the best card in NBA 2K history. Now every card comes out just like that Charles Barkley. Now almost every centre can take and it's stupid.

People obviously do enjoy this (where else would Lonzo fans have the ability to play with w a 99 overall lonzo?). If they did not, NBA 2K wouldn't be similar to this bc people wouldn't be buying the packs and playing the manner. The individuals who don't like it are obviously the minority. NBA 2K makes decisions like this to target the small minority which spend a shit ton of money buying VC to invest on packs. It's a really extreme example of mt for sale 2k20 the classic 80-20 rule. Implying they give a fuck about what the majority believes is shockingly innocent when they do not make money from the vast majority of NBA 2K players at MyTeam. You are saying that the big spenders are the only one that likes stuff like this? Why do other people purchase packs?