PSO2 launched in May on PC to a underwhelming results

PSO2 launched in May on PC to a underwhelming results


Outfits in the Sega Legacy collection are meseta pso2 on sale. If you would like to see every thing available you may check the official site. Be quick if you discover the collection will only be around until June 14 at 11 PM PDT.

PSO2 launched in May on PC to a underwhelming results. The launch has been marred by issues, many of which can be traced back into the launcher. Those issues aside, we didn't feel that Phantasy Star Online 2 was the wait. Our 6/10 review mentioned lack and its interface of content from the Japanese edition. It is still worth a play for Phantasy lovers and people that have a great deal of time to kill -- if you can afford to not pull on out your hair because of it's horrible Windows 10 launcher. Good luck.

Phantasy Star Online 2: Windows 10 Launch

So how can I download this if I'm EU based? Can't locate it nor can't download it from the microsoft shop net. No EU launch afterward? Not going to touch it unless there are EU servers, my internet is bad enough without crossing an ocean.I have not tested this thoroughly on the NA version but it needs to be just like the Japanese edition. Your ping to server for actual gameplay should not matter and menus may be somewhat slower due to ping. Off the top of my mind I think those menus are often your decorative menus at cash store salon and things like this (though even with 200-300 ping to host you won't detect menu lag).

If you play with a person who is very much from you the only time you'll have difficulties is, as the in game cases are peer to peer. Therefore, in the event that you play with other friends from EU you won't notice much lag in any way. Having said that because Microsoft is managing the distribution to NA all purchase related information goes out the window since you have to find ways to make payments to a store that's picky about area. It is a small hassle to give money to them if you are not in NA lol. Its peer to peer reviewed based during battle, therefore ping shouldnt be an issue if you play eu players.

Honestly, we shouldn't need to do this in the first place. I was really looking forward to attempting PSO2 out but I am not going through steps simply because they decided to discharge in NA. Server location won't matter except for some menu stuff/actually sucking loot drops. Neither of those things mattered in any way in any significant way when I was playing JP (from EU), so it likely won't even be noticeable playing on cheap Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta NA from EU. I straight up can not get controls to work on the PC version, despite my controllers working for every thing else.