I think I should just restart the whole thing

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I think I should just restart the whole thing, but it seems a waste to OSRS gold give up the levels and money I do have if I could re-learn the way to play without beginning. Can someone point me to a newcomer's guide? Or tell me where to buy arrows to finish this quest?

However, it feels somewhat wasteful to just disassemble as soon as it hits level 10. You're basically ruining a perfectly good piece of t85 degrade-to-dust power armor which has at least 95 percent of its degrade charges unused.

Something important to note here is that augmenting the corresponding t85 Body armor costs more, over 6m longer as of time of writing. Therefore, it might not be the best thought to augment the Body too. This means you might need to pair it up with another body armor. Disassemble instantly at level 10, or Siphon it until its lifespan is fully used up before disassembling?With the upcoming Defence reset, I have the chance to reset to level 1 defence. However, this will make me not able to utilize Power armour, and locks out the vital Freedom capability. I could train back up to level 34 in a flash, but what would be the purpose of the reset then? Another thing is that PvP is pretty much dead except for warbands, and together with the reversal of mechanisms at warbands, there's hardly any benefit to having a very low combat level .

When I train up my combat, I will have the ability to cheap RuneScape gold access much better slayer masters, which speeds up my main goal. It was so tough to get up to 89 slayer without even having the ability to perform Smoking Kills until 90 combat. Being unable to use Kuradel or the Iowerth slayer master will likely be similarily bothersome, although on the other hand it would be an intriguing achievement to receive 99 slayer without ever being in a position to utilize a master greater than Sumona. Soooooo... any suggestions?


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