Dangling Modifiers in Writing – 2021 Ultimate Guide

Dangling Modifiers in Writing – 2021 Ultimate Guide

The English language is perplexing and confusing. Not to mention the inexperienced writers, even the professional writers make numerous mistakes. The catch is that a large number of these writers are oblivious that numerous mistakes may manifest in their writings whenever scrutinized. One such mistake that numerous writers are making unknowingly, is the dangling modifiers.


Regardless of in the event that you are a secondary school student or a professional essay writer providing ‘buy dissertation’ services, it is never a tool late or too right on time to learn how to recognize and correct dangling modifiers in your writing. It is a bit interesting to distinguish dangling modifiers, yet it is not all that troublesome. Before we get to the correction tips for dangling modifiers, it is relevant that you think about modifiers first.


What is a modifier?


Modifiers are words, phrases, or even clauses that are used by writers to explain the importance of the following words, clauses, or phrases that may follow. These are used to explain ambiguous relations between words, phrases, or clauses.


What are modifier errors?


The above-mentioned modifiers that are used to explain an ambiguity surrounding a word, phrase, or a clause, whenever composed incorrectly become modifier errors. They not just neglect to convey the proposed importance to the reader yet often end giving an off-kilter and strange significance to the readers. That leads them to wonder what the writer was trying to say.


Misplaced modifiers and dangling modifiers are the two most common types of modifier errors observed even in ‘write my essay for me’ tasks. On the off chance that either mistake occurs, the text no longer remains smoothly readable and often the readers neglect to appreciate the genuine message of the writer. For this article, we will focus on dangling modifiers.


Dangling modifier


These are words, phrases, or clauses that the writer is using to explain or explain something yet somehow the writer fails to mention the concerned thing. When there is nothing to alter, it often ends up adjusting a unintended part of the sentence, creating confusion.


Perceiving the dangling modifier


You can only correct the modifier subsequent to distinguishing it. The identification of a dangling modifier in college essay is the trickiest thing. There could be many dangling modifiers in your secondary school essay and your instructor probably won't even notification it. Because of the subtlety of the dangling modifiers they even make their approach to prestigious published journals and magazines. Look at the following example sentence.


While strolling to the school, a protest was witnessed on the interstate.


What's up with the above sentence? There is no subject. Who witnessed the protest? The sentence gives the absurd implying that protest was strolling to the school. It is missing a subject, who was strolling to school.


How to fix it? There are three easy ways to fix a dangling modifier.


Revising the main clause


Discover the important subject that you are trying to discuss put in the revised main clause. How about we revise the example sentence that had a dangling modifier, by revising its main clause.


While strolling to the school, person A witnessed protest on the thruway.


Presently, it unmistakably states the implying that the writer was trying to convey. It means that person A planned to school when he witnessed a protest.


Revising the modifier phrase


The essay writing service can also correct the dangling modifier by simply adding the missing subject to the modifier phrase, instead of the main clause. The example sentence can be correctly composed as follow:


While person A was strolling to school, he witnessed a protest on the thruway.


Here the changing clause is plainly stating the subject who was taking the action.


Combing adjusting phrase and the main clause


According to this technique, the example sentence could be composed as follow:


Person A witnessed a protest on the interstate while strolling to the school


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