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IN this article the author tried to tell uncover the topic of artificial intelligence in our life

We live now in the world where everything is computerized and the possibilities of modern technology are unlimited it can write my nursing concept map the issue of authenticity of the existence of artificial intelligence is nowadays a topic of actual interest. Today the level of development of modern technology is so high that many start to wonder about the presence of the intellectual potential of modern computers. Although the computer programs are now so well-made and the computer capacity is so huge that it allows you to store almost unlimited amount of information, but it can only simulate the real intellect.

It is obvious that the Chinese Room argument is a topic of great interest for the discussions. In this connection, the approach of John Searle gives an exhaustive answer about the possibility of presence of a computers mind, equivalent to the human one. John Seal proved with his ''Strong Al'' and ''Weak AL'' that artificial intelligence is a misnomer. He explained that computer can only simulate the knowledge of Chinese, as well as it simulates any other kind of knowledge or intellectual process with the help of special computer programs that organize its workflow. This proves that humans mind is really a unique advantage that cannot be artificially recreated. As time will pass, people for sure will be able to invent more and more complicated programs for such a simulation, but I think that artificial intelligence will not emerge in future.

For the first glance, it is hard to give a definite answer to the question of existence of the artificial intelligence, but John Seal gives a clear answer using the Chinese Room argument as an example of simulating knowledge with the help of explicit instructions. It shows how computer simulates intellectual process without having real intellect. That means that although it is possible to create complex computer programs for almost perfect imitation of the thought process, we cannot talk about a real existence of the artificial intelligence or some real perspectives of its emergence.

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