I legit don't understand anything besides placing in spam filters

I legit don't understand anything besides placing in spam filters


I believe what the fuck and do 50/100kc.. How is it that people do the same shit over and over? Is. Unlike other games where per month or even less of RS gold grinding can get you to finish game content. But in when someone has a high degree account there's a small bit of respect mixed in the marketplace RS, most of us realize how much time and dedication it takes to reach that objective. Literally years in some cases, but that is exactly what the aims feel rewarding. Not everyone is able to jump and do what you're doing, they must earn it with time.

I could understand talking a stroll (e.g., exercise hobbies), a vocabulary (useful irl ability ), or other outside social hobbies being better choices to RuneScape, but why would reading a book or other asocial, inactive hobbies be better compared to RuneScape do you believe? A good deal of people devote a bunch of time watching TV and films, or reading fiction books, but this dependence isn't called by people. I wonder why spending large amounts of time at a game but spending significant amounts of time at exceptionally leisurely activities aren't.Logging into Old School RuneScape and this is

As a P mod, there is nothing worse than logging into my house world daily to see the SAME bots trying to purchase t bows for 2b, and advertising these dumb websites, to only get muted for an hour and have nothing ever occur, besides me logging back in to re-silence them for an hour... so stupid. I mean besides muting them what can be done? They continue to mix it up although I legit don't understand anything besides placing in spam filters. I don't want them to bring a entire lvl chat restriction because legit new players will despise not having chat for say the first so many lvls.

Really not much can be done but they want filters. Once I mute the account for two weeks straight, why has nothing been done. There aren't any filters to say"hmm lets check with this man that gets muted for the same thing over and over again" and if you can find, it certainly looks as though there are not! This is why I have a very hard time believing all this"Jagex has very innovative bot-detection algorithms and many robots are prohibited immediately". I mean really, if they can not automatically even ban accounts that stand at the GE literally spamming the same thing over and over again, you really have to wonder what they can detect.

They can not detect that if you get it done correctly, its quite easy to prepare an autoclicker/macro that is not detectable as long as you do not leave it running for quite a while and just mix it in with your normal play. Even if they could there are many ways to do things"legit" that are so effective that you may also be using an autoclicker. For instance intercepting your mouse wheel inputs and replacing them with clicks, a buy rs gold paypal mouse software comes with this feature already, then you can hold your mouse off the pad and just fiddle with all the wheel as you watch youtube or something.