Latest Jordans News,The alliance’s 30th anniversary Air Jordan 4 collaboration has been teased for a few weeks, but now, we finally have a formal, detailed shoe-scratch-two shoes. The upcoming drop between the Los Angeles retailer and Nike includes a pair of color matching "desert moss" and "gray haze", which have been previewed by third parties before. Union calls the upcoming Air Jordan 4 series "Tent and Trail", which is a tribute to the late 1980s and early 1990s, when outdoor equipment such as bubble goose jackets, hiking boots and camping backpacks began to be integrated into everyday styles. . Subsequently, the retailer redesigned the Air Jordan 4 as if it came from that era, using iconic colors common in outdoor clothing and equipment that have been around for decades. Following last year’s “Off Noir” and “Guava” color schemes, the “Tent and Trail” bag uses similar fabrics and design elements, including a pre-folded tongue that can be unfolded. This is Union’s Chris Ji The way Chris Gibbs wore Jordan 4s when he was a child. You can view each pair of shoes in the new series in detail by browsing the lookbook above. As you can see in the "Purchase" section, "Taupe Haze" is scheduled to be released exclusively through Joint, while "Moss of the Desert" sees a wider release through Joint and Nike SNKRS. Please continue to pay attention to more launch information.

Buy Jordan Soles ,Publicity for the long-awaited sequel to "Slam Dunk in Space" continues. This movie has made a fortune with its 25-year popularity and a lot of cooperation, and we can only expect to get some exclusive excitement in the process-just, who would have thought they would be so cool? It is called " Hare Power 1, the iconic hardwood silhouette is embroidered by Bugs Bunny and Lola on their Tune Squad jerseys, holding the ball in their hands. The sneakers are additionally in a white upper with light blue accents on the Swoosh, outsole, and heel tags. This is a clean collection of updated classic shoes, one that will definitely age, just like the most popular movie. LeBron's "Space Slam Dunk: A New Legacy" will be released on July 16, and we expect Nike to release it soon. If you are like us, you will do anything to the police, so please update here.

New Release Yeezy has ended and the playoffs have begun. It's time to review the oldest sneakers of the 2020-2021 season. Not surprisingly, you see the irony in our title, right?-In the 2020-2021 NBA regular season, more people wear Nike than any other brand. Nine of the ten most worn pairs of sneakers come from Nike, including three Kobe No. 5, No. 6 and No. 4 Kobe sneakers. Kobe No. 5 and Kobe No. 6 topped the list with 1 and 2 times respectively. The former was worn 2469 times in the regular season and the latter was worn 1980 times. In the top five are KD 13 (worn 1747 times) in third place, Monster 2 (worn 1256 times) in fourth place, and Monster 1 (worn 840 times) in fifth place. Other Nike, Jordan brands ranked in the top 10 include Jordan No. 35 6 (wear 706 times), Ji Liye No. 7 (wear 662 times), the aforementioned Kobe No. 4 8 (wear 631 times) and PG 5 No. 10 (wear 474 times). The non-Nike sneakers that entered the top ten were not someone else, but Dame 7 from Adidas. Damian Lillard's signature is ranked ninth, and he has been worn 590 times throughout the NBA regular season.


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