let's talk about how to do natural link building

The strategy of " positive links " in a natural way is not easy, it requires time and dedication. Starting from the basis that we develop valuable content

The strategy of " positive links " in a natural way is not easy, it requires time and dedication. Starting from the basis that we develop valuable content on our website, before we start spreading them it is highly recommended to do a good SEO optimization on the content. In other words, all the “Meta titles” and “Meta description” tags are well placed, the links with the well-developed anchor text, the well-tagged images, the H1 and H2 tags of the content placed, among other things. If you want to go deeper,  Julián explains  5 SEO measures to increase visits to your blog.

Once these measures are implemented, you have to spread the content to attract quality traffic to your website. There are several ways to spread it, in this case we will tell you some tips so that you have a better idea of how to do natural link building . That is, make other websites or bloggers recommend your content.

7 natural link building strategies

For a natural link building strategy, the quality of the links is always more valued and with a difference than the number of links. With which I try to be as natural as possible in these practices. The idea is relatively simple: get other websites in the sector that have more seniority and / or online domain authority than your page to recommend your content through a link.

  • If you have a restaurant, art gallery, shop ... ask bloggers to write about your services or events. In restaurants, it is common to invite bloggers to taste the best dishes and in return they are asked for an objective review from their blog. This is perfectly extrapolated to other sectors, if you have an ecommerce of your own products, invite bloggers specialized in your sector to write about your products or services by exchanging the same products. This strategy is usually very common in the field of fashion, health, wellness, restoration.
  • GestBloggin is one of the most effective techniques to get quality natural links. It is about asking other bloggers to allow you to write on their blog as a guest blogger and in exchange for a link to your website. Of course, study well what blog it is, if it is relevant in the sector and if it has significant traffic so that it is worth investing the time involved in writing the post. This practice is a win win since the blog owner gains valuable content and you, as a guest blogger, gain a quality backlink to your website. Whenever possible, try to write from several blogs, instead of uploading content in the same place.
  • On the other hand, try to write content on your blog mentioning content to authors of other blogs to give truth to what you are talking about. Once this post is published, invite or mention this post + author so that he knows that you have mentioned them. It is very likely that the blogger mentioned that out of gratitude mentions you in their channels or mentions you from a comment on their blog.
  • You can energize your post and make them known by commenting on other bloggers' posts. Try not to be so obvious, be proactive, kind and subtly leave the link on your website but as an argument of what you say, it does not look so intrusive because when validating your post what they will do is delete your link.
  • Another way is to add the description of your company with a link to your website in specialized directories in the sector. Some of them must pay a monthly fee, in this case you have to see if it is worth it or not depending on its positioning or relevance online.
  • If you generate audio content (such as podcast), you can upload content on the following platforms and in this way you will get links to your website:

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