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(2) Peony blossom pattern about the back

Actual cigarette: azure peony blossom pattern, aspect light declaration lines vibrant, strong representation; Line printer ink thick, hands feel elevated.

Counterfeit smoke: this fake cigarette azure peony blossom pattern, the actual line is actually relatively darkish, the hands feels without having raised sensation. Figure two. True remaining and fake right

2, cigarette product packaging machine procedure true as well as false assessment

(1) Aspect transparent document packaging

Actual cigarettes: each ends associated with transparent document shrinkage organic; Cheap Newport Cigarettes Wholesale Semi-oval drawstring mind, symmetrical reducing, clean advantage, light, clear paper versatility.

Counterfeit smoking: the fake cigarettes clear paper warm sealing Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes Online much more loose, drinking water vapor weightier, brush glue remnants; The sketching head is actually asymmetrical fit and tough in craftsmanship. Figure 3 Upward true lower false

(2) The underside of the actual steel tag contrast

Real cigarette: base stamp, font as well as font power between big and little, the exact same font strength differs. The logo design paper is actually Cigarettes Wholesale dotted along with gold.

Fake cigarettes: this particular counterfeit smoke printing, publishing better, includes a very powerful misleading. The logo design paper appears inside a grid. Determine 4 upward true as well as down fake.

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