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Boy of Bliss soft yellow-colored true as well as false how you can identify, boy of Bliss soft yellow-colored true as well as false along with map id

"Son associated with Heaven (soft yellow)" is really a famous cigarette made by Sichuan as well as Chongqing The far east Tobacco Business Co., LTD. To be able to improve the actual identification capability of customers and entrepreneurs, Xiaobian collated concerning the son associated with Heaven gentle yellow accurate and false how you can identify the actual relevant intro, following xiaobian to comprehend it.

1. Genuine little box starting edge "Son associated with Heaven" for that suppression associated with convex figures; The phony cigarette "son associated with Heaven" is simple to remove the fresh paint and diminish, which is actually different in the real 1.

2. The leading side from the genuine little box overprint placement bronzing "flying dragon" design scales tend to be clear, from starting to Wholesale Marlboro Cigarettes Online end can easily see positioning bronzing procedure, red through the dragon entire body, "scales" is actually red within the snow, vibrant; Fake cigarettes overprint placement bronzing fake is bad, the scale cannot reach the actual printing process degree of the actual product, and you will find obvious differences using the real item.

3. Real small container bar signal font as well as bar signal edge tend to be obvious serrated, the actual font is actually small; Fake cigarettes don't have any authentic functions, and the actual font is actually thicker.

four. The bottom from the genuine little box is actually mechanical product packaging, and the actual overlap from the cigarette product packaging film is actually concave downwards; Counterfeit Cheap Newport 100s Cigarettes Online smoking are mainly manual product packaging, the base characteristics and also the real goods would be the opposite, and the actual code Cigarettes Hot Sale is different then the actual goods.

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