Quick Ways to fix ZOIDS! ERROR 8 in AOL Mail

Are you experiencing the ERROR 8 in AOL Mail and looking for a way to fix it? The easy and quick ways to fix the ERROR 8 in the AOL Mail login account are given below:

AOL email account users might face Error 8 in their email account. Error 8 is a common error that usually occurs while trying to load the AOL Mail login account. Once after getting this error message on your AOL email account you will not be able to send email using your email account. Generally, this error is resolved automatically by waiting up to 5 minutes. But in case you are still experiencing the Error 8 in your AOL email account then you need to refer to the ways that we are going to mention in the post.

Ways to fix the ZOIDS! ERROR 8 in AOL Mail

The easy and quick ways to fix Error 8 on your AOL Mail Login account are mentioned below. Approach each way one by one to fix the loading issue on your AOL email account.

  • Once after getting the error wait for 5 minutes and check whether the error is fixed or not.
  • Refresh the page of your AOL email account.
  • Restart your Android or iPhone on which you are accessing the AOL email account.

Note: In case you are still experiencing the same error on your device then you should try to load basic version of AOL Mail on your mobile or computer as it may help you to fix the issue.

How to load Basic Version in AOL Mail?

  • Log in to your AOL Mail login account.
  • Now, find the ‘Options’ section and tap on it.
  • Here you need to find the ‘Basic/Accessible’ version and click on it.
  • Finally, you have loaded the basic version in your AOL email account. 


To sum up, to fix the loading problem or Error 8 in your AOL Mail Login account the ways are easy and we have discussed them above in this post. All you need to do is, implement the ways one by one to fix the error on your Android or iPhone device.    


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