We’re Yaapoo - a different kind of social media platform. At Yaapoo we believe you should benefit from the content you create - whether you have one follower or one million followers. So, we share ad revenue and provide revenue tracking, analytics, and tools that inspire content creation. By giving back to the creator, Yaapoo facilitates the growth of a unique creative community where all parties connect and thrive. Join us today and experience the Yaapoo difference for yourself.


Yaapoo shares a percentage of the ad revenue generated from your posts (videos, photos or text) back with you.

One ad runs for every unlimited posts you see in your feed or a community feed. For every one you see, up to 30% of the revenue generated goes to the creators of the posts above that content.

When you create posts, . The ad revenue generated from watching that advertisement is split 30% between the creator whose content you are supporting, with Yaapoo.


Connect with friends, brands, or users based on your interests. Support one another’s content and see what’s new around the world.

Invite friends and family to join you. For each person who signs up using your invite link or username, you'll earn 10% of the revenue generated on that person’s content. This 10% comes from Yaapoo earnings, not from the person you invite.

Connect with people who share your interests through communities. Search for the right space to join or grow your own public or private group.


On Yaapoo Live, our daily livestream channel, watch content spotlights and interviews with celebrities, influencers and everyday users. Maybe even get featured yourself!

Scroll through your activity feed to catch up on all the latest posts from people you follow. Watch videos, see photos, and read what's on their mind.

Send direct messages, photos, or videos to your friends using our chat interface.

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